” Compared to last few years, the number of sites with wide spread SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting vulnerabilities fell by 13% and 20% ”

To gain a competitive advantage, you must integrate the technology into your present strategies.
CT offers a comprehensive services and solutions suite of technology integrated with your business strategy. Our time-tested framework provide a consistent and measurable approach to information communication and technology services for your organization; ranging from profiling to design, implementation and training. We work closely with the client’s, business, technical, and security resources while implementing and executing our application services model. Our combination of knowledge and practical hands-on experience is critical in providing risk-free pragmatic solutions.
Once we’ve worked with you to evaluate and understand your work profile, CT will establish a customized development strategy, including implementation road map, training plan and policies designed to achieve the results expected and minimize the risks associated with protecting data critical to your organization.
We won’t try to frighten you into a bad decision with confusing jargon and hyperbole; instead, our highly experienced consulting will make sure you understand the results of the assessment and why our recommended solution is the right one for your organization, leveraging the technologies that are best suited to your strategies.
Only when you understand and are comfortable with the application plan and find that you are ready to take ownership of the plan, the plan is considered at its most effective state.
Where many Information communication consultants fall short of their client’s expectation is in focusing on technology while ignoring the human element in system implementation. CT recognizes that implementation policies and processes must be clearly and systematically communicated to your employees. When employees are made aware of application implementation policies, they understand their role in implementing application, and acknowledge their participation.

About 80% of web initiatives are using WordPress CMS .


97% of Enterprise Desktop Applications run on Java.

For your web purpose with flexible development, PHP is the one.


Drupal is considered as one of the most secure CMS in Web Development.

One of the leaders in database management system, we have experts.

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